Crystal Alabaster carved and assembled from many pieces of the same stone. Completed about ten years ago as a gift to my wife Renee.

As this Web page evolves I will be developing a comfortable, easy way for those of you who would like to purchase my art to do so, either limited additions of bronze or resin pieces or one of a kind commissioned works. I will take ideas from some of you and create commissioned works that will be collaborations with you. This may seem strange but I’ve learned from my background in a successful architectural practice that opportunities for creative solutions are possible while finding inspiration and enjoyment in working with my client’s unique in put. I love the unpredictable possibilities that can occur while developing dynamic solutions based on these collaborations. I welcome this twist to the creative artistic process. I may say your idea is not a fit for me or I may say …. wow, lets do it. More on this to follow.


Motorcycle Art

MotorButch - Click for Video

I’m having difficulty getting my sculpture cast. Its a long story. I want it cast in Bronze and Sterling Silver and the rims must be cast in one piece. I just haven’t found a source to do this cost effectively so I just used photoshop to simulate the metal look.

Butch Art

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