Motorcycle Sculpture

What can I say, I have always been  inspired by the female figure and the art of Automobiles and Motorcycles. Its occurred to me that whenever I’ve loved the look, curves and forms of automobiles and motorcycles, it was their sensual connection to the female form that activated my stronger level of attraction.  That fluid, magical attraction.  What is it ?  I’ve thought about it a lot.

For years I’ve enjoyed watching the creations the sensual forms of Hot Rods and Custom Motorcycles.  Have you seen the connection too! If you look closely at my various galleries you may see my journey to explore this connection.  I welcome your feedback.  Share the journey.

One Response to Motorcycle Sculpture

  1. J. David Rojas says:

    I love the sculpture…..
    My wife rides a R6 & I was looking to purchase her a gift.
    Would you be able to inform me of prices & dementions ?

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