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About twenty years ago I started to focus my sculptural interests by taking classes. Coincidentally, those classes were at the Maitland Art Center. Sense that time I’ve continued to develop my skills and direction in sculpture. My work is mostly figurative and I enjoy working in stone, wax, clay, plaster, concrete and resins. One of my goals is to enhance the awareness and appreciation of figurative sculpture during a period of declined interest.

As a brief outline of my background and interests, I was born in Miami Florida and graduated from the University of Florida in 1974 with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. I am a member of the American Institute of Architects and for over twenty years I’ve also been a full member of the Urban Land Institute.

I’ve been married to my lovely, dynamic and beautiful wife, Renee, for thirty years and we have one son, Matt. Matt graduated in 2006 from Washington University in St. Louis with dual degrees in Architecture and International Business. Needless to say, Renee and I are very proud of Matt. By the way, he is a very talented artist and poet.

I am one of the two founding principals of Charlan Brock & Associates, ,an Architectural and Planning firm formed in 1981. Our firm’s main focus is Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Town Centers, Student Housing, Assisted Living and Hospitality.

I am passionate about the development and growth of the Art and History Museums of Maitland and the City of Maitland .

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  1. Butch… Hi!! This is Steve Proctor. You and l were on the UofF Archery team with Dan Hart. Sadly I found Dan died recently before I could contact him. You were a great mentor in archery & l still remember the day you hit all gold with 6 arrows @ 60 yards… happy day!! I also remember driving to East Stroudsburg, PA, for the national collegiate tournament. I’m hoping you might call if you have a mind to. My # is 916-749-5261. I retired some years ago and bred Labs in my kennel, ‘Fort Proctor Labradors.’ Good looking lab next to you in the picture. Give me a call … I’d love to touch base with you. PS… I turned artist & have written over 150 songs. It’s like sculpting an idea with melody & words rather than stone.

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